So You Want to Be a South sider?

Someone I know recently re-located to the south loop to be closer to work. She exclaimed, “I’m officially a Southsider now!”

Slow your roll girlfriend-I have devised a number of tasks one must complete before joining this special group. Some of these may sound crazy, but you wanted to live here. Until these missions are completed-you are just a visitor.

  • Visit 3 different carry-out Barbecue places. South of 26th Street
  • Go to Lumes on Western at least twice
  • Find the “South Chicago” neighborhood on a map
  • Be able to explain what the “IC” is.
  • Explain why there is a diagonal hump in the terrain just south of 76th and Jeffery
  • Eat two full size Chico-Sticks.
  • Identify at least 2 films that were shot in whole or part on the south side and identify the intersection where at least one scene was filmed. OTHER THAN THE BLUES BROTHERS.
  • Buy a slice of pizza with grape or “red” pop.
  • Start using the word “pop” if you don’t say it already.
  • Attend a barbecue hosted by someone who grew up in the south. You must stay at least 4 hours.
  • Have a slice of 7-Up cake at said barbecue.
  • Have someone’s Frappe (frap-pay) also at said barbecue. If you drink the whole cup, cheers! I can’t stand the stuff.
  • Eat a sauced wing dinner from Harold’s. Minimum of four wings, sauce is of your choosing but mandatory.
  • Explain the historical significance of Pullman.
  • Identify the location of the Civil War era Camp Douglas
  • Identify the location where H.H. Holmes’ “Murder House” stood
  • Name at least two films where shananigans took place on or in “L” cars. All activities will be considered-Shootouts, chases, canoodling….
  • Visit a business, get offended over the cleanliness, product selection or fact that you are being followed, then announce there’s no way in hell you’re going back to that business/location again.
  • Find Winneconna Parkway. Take a selfie when you get there.
  • Identify the difference between a “Chicago” bungalow and a bungalow.
  • Explain why some houses have small bridges connecting them to the sidewalk
  • Get a car-you’re screwed if you think you can depend on the CTA. Hahahah! Evil laughter….

A determined soul should be able to complete this in a few weeks. Good luck!