Arts and Crafts at the Asylum

The last few months I have been using art to work out my issues. I was dabbling on Amazon and ordered a pattern coloring book and a six-pack of markers. Since then I have added one more book and become a regular customer at Blick art supplies on Kingsbury. I found some of my Prismacolor (expensive) markers from my college says fifteen years ago. However, I soon discovered that while they were full of ink the color no longer matched the description on the label. I’ve been off the chain with my coloring, so here are some samples:


So it’s evident I like Purple and Turquoise. I feel so centered when I am working on these, If you have the budget, Prismacolor markers are awesome, but I use the Blick Studio markers, about a dollar cheaper than Prismacolors. I also use Tombow Brush markers-which are water-based and do not bleed like Blicks and Prismacolor. Sharpies work, but they bleed and do not come in a big variety of colors, but are about a dollar less than the Tombows.


One thought on “Arts and Crafts at the Asylum

  1. Hi! this looks cool. I’ve been following your blog for some time now. Always like seeing your new posts in my email, I live on the far north side.

    I didn’t know you were an artist, but I think these drawings look really cool.

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