That One Isn’t Mine….

As you can see, I made some changes to the appearance of my blog. The photo on the cover page was taken of the Jeffery Manor and Merrionette Manor developments in the 1940’s. The photo is the result of many headache-inducing quests to find photographs of my childhood neighborhood when it was first built. I will have to dig to find the specific source of the photo, but alas, it is not my property nor am I trying to pass it off as such.

I can spend hours on Google image searches and academic databases looking for photographs. I have bookmarked UIC’s CARLI digital collections and U of C’s Mildred Mead collections. I may have found an aerial view of my childhood home. The photograph was part of a Chicago Housing Authority report on the Trumbull Park homes on the southeast side. Just north of 103rd street, my childhood neighborhood was in the midst of being built. Also from the CARLI database were photographs of the neighborhood from the 1920’s. It blew my mind-the only structure that had been built was the Trumbull Park Fieldhouse. 100th street and Yates were just dirt roads, and where homes stood twenty years later were just weeds and mud. These photos often lead me to fantasize about time travel, but my guy friend told me no Black person should travel no earlier than 1984-so that’s that, I suppose..

Good night all


The ChiMaven Takes Some Pictures

Last Saturday, I hung my first grown up art exhibit!

My church has a visual arts committee where exhibitions are planned to display the artwork of parishoners. Last year I agreed to do a show with another photographer in the group. After some unnecessary worrying and one postal related snafu, I have four photographs hanging in our small chapel/gallery.

Coincidentally, I have been reading books on positive thinking and finding your true vocation in life. Kicking this project into gear has helped me with my mojo and has helped me see that art and creativity make me happy, something that has been missing for most of this year for me.

The title of my exhibit is “My Chicago” here is my artists’ statement:

I am fascinated with photographs from Chicago’s past and seeing the city at another time in history. I have been inspired by the photography of Vivian Maier, John H. White and C. William Brubaker. These photographers have opened the door to a time capsule showing the way Chicagoans have lived and the changes in the city’s built environment. I take photos on my travels as well, but I am most passionate about documenting Chicago during my existence, so future generations can experience my Chicago.

The photos will be up through mid-October at St. Paul and the Redeemer Church at 4945 S. Dorchester in Chicago. Sunday services are at 8 am, 9:15 am and 11:15 am.

Green Line at 33rd St