Mechanical Bulls?

I am off to Texas again this year to visit family. My visit to Houston last year had mixed results. An awesome dip in my cousin’s pool paired with a strange stay at the La Crappa, I mean La Quinta hotel. This year it’s all about having fun Texas style. I plan on spending the daytime with my grandmother, having good, Christian fun. However, if things go as planned my evenings will be no place for grandmothers. I envision live music, dancing (maybe showing off my swing moves too) and “beverage” consumption.  I have some aqaintances there in my peer group and may get some latin and carribbean-style entertainment as well.

Alas, I will only be there two full days, so I’ll probably miss out on visiting Galveston, which so many people have recommended. Because Houston is so spread out and public transit is a joke compared to Chicago, I will be renting a car (say a prayer). I will have a trusty companion, my brother, but if any vehicular crap hits the fan, he may just turtle on me (it’s a hockey term, look it up).  We will be staying near the Galleria, where there is plenty of shopping and eating to accomplish, and no I have not forgotten I am trying to lose weight. I’ll just walk it off in the eight-billion sqaure foot mall-no biggie!

I have not found to many activities a ninety-three year old can enjoy, but blessedly, she is not very demanding. She’s the type of sweet person who simply enjoys having company.  I need to make a list and document my exploits so I can have an awesome show and tell segment during my visit with her.

We all need time off, and while a little more money in the bank would make things nice, I am so glad I am getting out of town. I have wondered what it would be like moving to Houston, but I hear they have smog and lack an NHL team, so that’s 2 strikes already. However, I like the new apartment complexes they have down there. Some wouldn’t fly in Chicago, mainly because ther’s no room and things are more vertical up north. Also, if you’re not filthy rich up here, more than likely, your apartment building may be almost as old as my grandmother.

But I digress, I will fill you in on what I did to Houston or what Houston did to me when I return.

Oh right, I mentioned mechanical bulls. I have no desire to ride one, plus Los Diablos in River North has one anyway.