Moo and Oink

I attended a retreat this weekend in Williams Bay Wisconsin on Geneva Lake. It was a great way to spend a weekend. The weather was perfect and the fall colors were beautiful. I had no complaints. I have been to the town of Lake Geneva before, but the changing tree colors made it feel like my first time.

I have yearned for the simple country life before, and this trip brought back those feelings. We drove through rural northern Illinois. Pumpkin sales and Friday fish frys were plentiful.  My great grandfather owned land east of Kankakee, Illinois where my mother would go for weekends as a child. I have also visited the area and that is where I began to think of a life in the sticks-or at least a small town.

My vision is to have a Craftsman-style or American Four Square type of home. I can’t see myself is a ranch home, probably because I’ve lived my life in a 2-story home and need the separation. If I am truly in the sticks with a few acres, then I imagine having a horse and two dogs. I’ll have a yellow Lab that will live in the stable with the horse, and a Boxer for my “inside” dog. The breed is not known for being outdoorsy. I would have a kitchen garden as well, with a patio to make my famous ribs and jerk chicken, but not much of a mowed lawn. I would keep the majority of the wild grass and use the horse to ride on if I need to venture out.

So I guess I’ll keep dreaming and putting away my spare change, I may just get a couple of acres one day.