Sugar and Spice and Barstools

I was having a mild argument with my mother last night about my plans for tomorrow. I mentioned going to a gallery and checking out a new restaurant on Randolph street. I either mentioned that the word “bar” was in the name or that I would have my meal at the bar. She then opined that it was inappropriate for a woman to be at a bar or sit at a bar. As I have an explanation for everything, I told her it makes more sense for a solo diner to eat at the counter/bar.

I reminded her that sitting in a dark corner table alone in a restaurant would not put me on the fast-track to finding a husband or getting her a grand-child. You sit at the counter and chat with those around you and the bartender. For my sake I hope the barkeeps are men. I hate it when I go somewhere hoping to flirt or start a conversation and the bartenders are chicks, and they’re only so-so friendly at that. I guess they were hoping for male customers, so there’s disappointment on both sides.

I know better than trying to convince my mother to see things my way, but I persist. I’ve had small victories in the past, but wouldn’t it be the ultimate convincing if I found my soulmate while eating at a bar and we had a happy marriage-at least in her lifetime to prove I’m always right? Love ya mom!


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