Last week or so, a column was written in which the author worried about the future of Hyde Park. For any newbies out here, Hyde Park is home the the University of Chicago and boasts a culturally, racially and economic diverse population. These charateristics are rare for the south side, so Hyde Park is quite a gem. But changes have arrived. The construction of an office tower and hotel are bringing are different visual vibe to an area where a quarter or more of its structures were built as far back as the 1880’s. In a sense I think Hyde Park should catch up to the modern era. It is home to a major academic institution with an international presence, and its lodging facilities are not plentiful. The article’s author feared Hyde Park may begin to resemble it’s northern yuppie nemesis, Lincoln Park. I don’t think he needs to worry. Hyde Park will always appreciate substance over style.

 I think a few modern additions will make things better, but with development comes traffic, and no one likes traffic. This is the only negative about Hyde Park, but we deal with it and even plot out strategies before our arrival to alleviate succumbing to parking terror. I only wish Hyde Park’s characteristics could spread south into South Shore and north into Bronzeville.