Nostalgia, continued….

I found myself on the internet again tonight searching for photos. I pulled up pictures of the old Woods and United Artists movies theatres on Randolph. I was obsessed for a while with the threatres on Randolph because I had very fuzzy memories about them. When I was a small child our family vacation travel provider was the Greyhound bus. The Greyhound station on Randoph also stirred my memories as well. The station is now located near the UIC campus, but it used to be in the heart of the loop. A white office tower is now in its spot across from the Thompson center. I remember going in off of Randolph and being welcomed by a two-story atrium, where you would take an escalator going down to the lower level where the station facilities existed. I do not remember much else about the station except for coin-operated telvisions, which were attached to the waiting room chairs.

Getting back to Randolph street. My 5 year old self remebers a movie theatre with the ABC logo on it. The images I saw tonight revealed that ABC did own a number of movie theatre; That building occupied the city’s infamous Block 37, which stood vacant for the early 1990’s to just a few years ago. Knowing these things were there set my mind at ease; you see, I was beginning to think I was imagining things or mixing dreams with reality. I did not go downtown much as a child, soI had a very weak connection between the the theatres and their location. I was so happy to relize this was a realĀ memories because I have what I thought was a significant memory that must have apparently been a dream. My parents were in this encounter, andĀ I was told it never happened, so I did have reason to doubt my memory.